Tamils Woman Photos Line My Closet – They Haunt Me – Yet I Am a Demanding Lilith

Tamils woman photos
line the closet of my mind.
They haunt me
and I pray they will continue to.
Fill my heart with their suffering
I need to remember
and hold a wake.

I am an undone story
I try to see others
stand firm within boundaries
flowers on bricks
sad tale always catches up with me.
I try, I do.
Yet I see an
immortal technique
and dance with the devil.

Help me?

Cradle me
I want to feel protected.

Teach me
I want to know the world.

Encourage me?
Fill my longings with wonderful outcomes
despite my selfish ways.

Envelope me.
Crave me.
Know me.
Wrap your arms around me.

And yet
the paradox?

Don’t know me
when I say I am suffocating.
Let me sing a song only to myself
and walk a path alone if I need to.

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