Was Tom Sawyer a Muslim?

Here’s something to bring a grin (or a scowl) to your face as you examine the instruction of youngsters around the globe. Turkey’s State Education Ministry (under course of the AKP strict right government) has arranged the distribution of 100 ‘fundamental’ youngsters’ scholarly works of Western Literature – which, while being converted into Turkish, are additionally being Islam-itized.

Notwithstanding, in view of the freedoms taken by the distributer in interpretation, the books don’t fulfill global guidelines, And they won’t convey such a Seal of Approval. The unaccredited distributer, Damla Yayinevi, had the option to stay away from the requirement for such Approval by printing compressed versions of the books – with page tallies of not exactly the 96 pages needed for endorsement.

The youngsters’ books, which show up on the Ministry’s Recommended Reading list for Elementary School understudies, contain such far-fetched story and character portrayals as:

A) A Prayerful Tom Sawyer – In the Islam-itized concise edition of that namesake exemplary (which may set Mark Twain a’turning in his grave), Tom passionately remembers supplications that he carries around with him – and gets a blessing as remuneration for his endeavors.

B) La Fontaine’s Religious Fox – The wily fox that takes fish directly off the angler’s line doesn’t neglect to offer his casualty a devout gift, “May Allah keep your way free. Haydi bana eyvallah!” before he escapes with the man’s catch.

C) A Reverent Pinocchio – In the interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s youngsters’ work of art, when the wooden-kid turns out to be genuine he faints “Ben eskiden ne kadar komik bir haldeymisim. Simdi ise Allah’a sükürler olsun ki, gerçek bir cocugum.” I used to be in a particularly funny condition. In any case, presently… leave God alone commended, I’m a genuine kid.

D) A Moralizing Pollyanna – The dense rendition of Eleanor Porter’s kids’ story incorporates the accompanying exchange between the debilitated Mr. Pendleton and youthful Pollyanna…

Pendleton: “I will remain in bed till Doomsday.” (Bildigim tek sey kiyamete kadar yatacagim.)

Pollyanna: “You can’t, on the grounds that as indicated by the Holy Book, Doomsday will strike when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore. Regardless of whether Doomsday can really strike that quickly is dubious, yet it doubtlessly will happen.”

Robin Hood, Gulliver’s Travels, Heidi, Oliver Twist, Treasure Island, and Andersen’s Fairy Tales are among the other acclaimed youngsters’ books of Western Literature that have likewise been given an Islamic inclination in anticipation of the new school year.

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