A Space Saving Bathroom Tip – Install a Corner Bath Shower

If you want to make some changes in your bathroom or are in the midst of building a home and are at a loss for what you want your bathroom to look like, why not consider implementing a corner bath shower? This type of shower is much like a regular shower except it is in the corner of the bathroom. There are many types of corner bath showers and you have limitless choices to choose from.

You can have your shower in any color you wish from bright yellow to black and everything in between. You have many shapes to choose from like square, oval and round. You have the choice between having a tub or just a stand-up shower and if you choose to have a tub built in, you can choose the depth you want. When it comes to privacy, you have the choice between a solid door and using a curtain or both. The doors and curtains also come in a variety of colors and designs to suit your taste.

There are many advantages to having a corner bath shower such as:

1) A shower built in the corner makes the room seem bigger and saves space.

2) A shower that is in the corner of the room makes taking a bath seem more cozy when you are surrounded by walls.

3) A corner shower looks neater and makes the room less cluttered.

You do not need a huge shower that takes up a lot of room in your bathroom to enjoy a hot soak. If you choose though, you can even have a corner bath and a corner shower in the same room.

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