A Review of the Meade ETX 125PE Astro Telescope Premiere Edition

The Meade ETX 125PE Telescope Premiere Edition
makes finding and aligning objects easier than ever
before, especially for beginners. Just choose an object
you want to observe and press a simple button. The
Autostar controller for the ETX 125PE will immediately
find the object, and point your telescope to put, your
desired object right in your field of view.

Just imagine you want to locate a deep space galaxy,
easily push a button. Interested in Jupiter, push the
same button. Whatever object you choose you can find
it and see it with the Meade ETX 125PE Astro Telescope
Premiere Editions Autostar system.

The Meade ETX 125PE is armed with diffraction-limited
optics that are so crisp and bright in constrast and image
resolution that this telescope routinely beats out telescopes
of greater aperture. The ETX 125 Premiere Edition has a
BK 7 glass and oversize Pyrex primary mirror.

As good as the Meade ETX 125PE’s optics are they are
even better due to the Meade UHTC. This is a series of
exotic optical coatings accurately tuned to optimize
the visual, photographic and CCD imaging performance
of the ETX telescope. Because of these coatings there
is an increase of nearly 15% of image brightness, compared
to standard Meade optical coatings. When you observe
galaxies, stars, and nebulae through your ETX 125PE,
your image will be incredibly brighter.

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