Allah Is the Same As God

Is Allah equivalent to God? Indeed. There, I said it.

Some time back I did a near investigation of the 99 excellent names of Allah and 33 names of God utilized in the Bible. What I discovered was that these 33 names depicted credits of God which are basic to the two Muslims and Christians. As I concentrated each name I basically took a gander at what the Quran educates about the name, and afterward took a gander at the Christian perspective on the name as indicated by the Bible. What I discovered was that Allah, revered by the Muslims, is equivalent to God, adored by Christians.

What’s In a Name?

Did you realize that as per Muslims, there are 99 grand names of God? Convention holds that the 100th name is known exclusively by the camel! What’s in a name? Everything. Gandhi. Elvis. Hitler. Billy Graham. You get the point. An individual in known by his name. An individual’s name typically is a methods for portraying his character too.

As you probably are aware, various individuals hold various perspectives about God, similarly as various individuals hold various perspectives pretty much the entirety of individuals I referenced previously. On the off chance that you disclosed to me that the name ‘Killer’ addressed Gandhi, and the name ‘Neurotic Liar’ was another name for Billy Graham, at that point we would wind up at chances about these two individuals, and with no shared view for us to have a conversation by any means. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you said that ‘Tranquil Man’ and ‘Minister of Righteousness’ were the particular names for these men, at that point we’d have a decent beginning stage for conversation.

Similarly; if the Muslims say that Allah (God) is the Forgiver, and the Christian Bible validates this reality with clear proof, at that point we have some shared conviction and we can unreservedly examine this part of God’s caring nature. In the event that the Christians call God the Holy God, The Loving One, and the Supreme Judge, and the Muslims allude to the Creator of the World by similar names, at that point we have something to discuss! It is important to take a gander at each name by which God is alluded to by the Muslims, and look at it in the light of the Bible. My petition is that in the process we can acquaint them with the ONE whom they accept is mysterious, and clear up any confusions they may have concerning the real essence of our Mighty God. By knowing the names of God we come to realize His character, and His methodologies.

Subsequent to directing my investigation of the names of God I’ve decided to utilize the names God and Allah conversely. I understand that a few Christians have been instructed that Allah is a bogus god, yet the genuine reality of the situation is that Allah is essentially the Arabic word for God… The Almighty God. Similarly as I’d never challenge a Spanish talking individual for calling God Dios, I would not test an Arab about Allah all things considered. This is the thing that Arab Christians call God. Allah.

In case you’re actually experiencing difficulty utilizing this word for God, simply ask somebody what Hindi word the extraordinary teacher pioneer, William Carey utilized for God while laboring in India. You’ll be astounded at his decision. Clue: He utilized an exceptionally “Hindu” word. Simply look at it.

As you’ll rapidly see from this examination, the Muslim perspectives on God, and their portrayal of Him are to some degree not quite the same as those of Christians. At the point when I say God, I’m discussing the Almighty God. I’m discussing Jesus Christ, the Son of God – Born of a virgin, killed, and raised from the dead on the third day, rose to the correct hand of God, and returning again to pass judgment on the living and the dead. I’m discussing God, the First and the Last, the Good Shepherd; Jehovah! I’m discussing Jesus, the Great I AM! Is that reasonable enough?

Since Allah is equivalent to God, on the off chance that I say Allah, I’m alluding to Elohim (a similar root word from which Allah is inferred) of the Bible. Try not to stress. All things considered, it’s the very issue that we have with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This faction has distorted the name Jehovah for quite a long time, yet Christians actually utilize the name Jehovah, isn’t that right? Why would that be? Since we know who the genuine Jehovah is, and we address Him appropriately. Similar remains constant with the name Allah. Because the name has been distorted by certain Muslims, doesn’t imply that we can’t utilize the name and address it appropriately! Besides, history has seen a few Christians who distorted God, yet we actually utilize the term openly.

What lead me to understand that Allah and God are the equivalent was the investigation of the accompanying 33 names of God recorded underneath. I urge you to lead a comparative report all alone.

– Ar-Rahman – The All-Compassionate, Beneficent

– Al-Rahim – The All-Merciful

– Al-Malik – The Absolute Ruler

– Al-Quddus – The Pure One

– Al-Mutakabbir – The Greatest

– Al-Khaliq – The Creator

– Al-Ghaffar – The Forgiving

– Al-Wahhab – The Giver of All

– Al-Razzaq – The Sustainer

– Al-‘Alim – The Knower of All

– Al-Sami – The Hearer of All

– Al-Basir – The Seer of All

– Al-Hakam – The Judge

– Al-‘Adl – The Just One

– Al-Mujib – The Responder to Prayer

– Al-Wadud – The Loving One

– Al-Ba’ith – The Resurrector

– Al-Haqq – The Truth

– Al-Hayy – The Ever Living One

– Al-Salam – The Source of Peace

– Al-Májid – The Glorious

– Al-Wahid – The One

– Al-Qadir – The All Powerful

– Al-Awwal – The First

– Al-Akhir – The Last

– Al-Zahir – The Manifest One

– Al-Walí – The Protecting Friend

– Al-Muntaqim – The Avenger

– Malik al-Muluk – The Owner of All

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