Will You Kill Your Day Job or Just Suffer in Online Marketing?

Is there a real day job killer out there in the scammy, incestuous world of online marketing? Or are we all still trying to convince ourselves that the next big thing is going to be the one that really kills the day job and sets us free?

I suppose I’d better admit my own guilt here. I, too, was obsessed with finding the perfect tool, the ultimate guide to online success, the real deal that would make it would all happen and free me forever from that killing day job drudgery. And I really don’t mind my day job all that much since it’s my own business. Still, it is a job and it lacks a lot of the attractions of working in online marketing.

Did I find the magic answer? Yes – and – No. There is no magic. So there is no mystical hyper-tool or arcane guide to the hidden secrets of online marketing success. So in that sense, the answer is a resounding NO. On the other hand, it’s pretty much all right there in your face once you learn to understand what you’re seeing. And people do sell guides and tools that can be remarkably helpful. So, yes there is an answer. Mostly it’s about focus, picking and choosing, maximizing the skills you need and carrying through on what you do. It’s work, hard work, don’t ever believe the easy money stuff.

Curiously enough the next big thing is actually going to be called Day Job Killer or something like that. Like many of the recent products in the online marketing sector it will be focused on new, unusual or quite possibly downright sneaky and underhanded (though legal) techniques for affiliate marketing.

Can you escape that day job with affiliate marketing? It’s absolutely possible, though you do have to exercise some care and gain some real expert knowledge before you go out and try some of these online marketing techniques. They can get expensive fast.

Though not everyone is willing to face the issue, there’s one part of this whole process that tends to be sidestepped with a lot of talk about how you can do all this without having to write a word, come up with your own articles or create your website content.

Content is king, queen and joker in the online world. That’s words, folks. Words that are all strung together in a way that not only makes sense but makes you money. You can learn a lot of techniques and while some of them use remarkably few words or rely on the words on a sales site – even the very few words you put in a AdWords or Yahoo ad are still words, and they have to be carefully selected and properly put together to maximize the results you’re looking for. And you need to test too, but that’s a whole different series of articles.

Maybe you can kill off that day job and go free without learning how to write profitable, and profit-pulling articles and content. Maybe. But it can be a lot easier and quicker if you master some of the basics of putting together your words in a framework that supports and encourages your readers to take the desired actions.

Many of the most successful online marketing techniques can be greatly improved by the use of carefully crafted articles to bring traffic, improve ranking and add to site quality. It’s also easier to build a list if you have a site with content that encourages people to sign up for that list. Quality content on your site pages at the very least suggests to your visitors that signing up may bring more quality information.

So, if you really want to kill your day job, take a good look at new products as they appear, but once you’ve found a method you need to stick with it and really learn it – top to bottom. And you need to learn at least the basics of how to create valuable, profit-pulling articles and content whenever you need them, on any subject, if you really want to accelerate the demise of your day job and boost your online marketing success.

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