Network Marketing is your competitor doing

There are many ways to market your product using a large number of online with Google AdWords or Yahoo’s Overture advertising network, eBay, members network, cost per click marketing. In addition, there are many second tier cost of sales and earnings per share network. onlyfreedommatters You need to have a good network marketing strategy, using the Internet to provide online marketing tool. With Internet marketing company, will help you to get your website in search engine advertising and optimization services provided by many of the results, but eventually you need to determine what kind of network marketing will give you the best of a product line. It used to be you bought CPM (cost per thousand) in large-scale campaign Web site and hope that the good performance of these ads and get traffic to your website. Now, there are many choices, there is usually a for each event better than the other run. It appears that the use of network marketing the best way to get return on investment cost per click online marketing tool, the strategic point. Google AdWords and Yahoos Overture CPC programs have dominated the world of network marketing in the past two years, they only get bigger and stronger. Network marketing companies have sprung up to help beginners learn how to use AdWords and Overture to the best of their ability to rope. If you want to build a brand, then the cost per click will not be online marketing solutions. Instead of the online brand, you will go to a CPM campaign, is a straight line costs. The targeted ads, and now there’s online advertising spending is due to leave the television and radio have been gradually transferred to the Internet. Why do you want, if you are advertising with the radio or TV, you can actually track the individual results of the work online. We believe that many ad networks and affiliate program will gradually fade out in the next several years, while Google and Yahoo Zhudao even with their own, targeted search results and more per click advertising network. Internet changes quickly, any company want to optimize their online marketing presence needs to adapt and adjust to the latest technology.

Network marketing is the three capacities: transport infrastructure, marketing, application development, marketing methods and permissions. Practical ability of the network in sports marketing when three similar shift manual gearbox, driving a car, both in mechanics.

Internet marketing is the same where you live, because it is a global market.

They do not have banner ads, because they are cheaper than print. In Facebook, because their children that they should be. If you start what you want for your site’s business focus and you concentrate all energy on helping to improve the preliminary results of this goal, Name of the Dong Xi you Keyi try, to see if they are how they work. Or you can look at things, said: “I do not see how it can help me achieve my goal. Now, if you ignore something, it is possible that they will actually become extremely important, and you ‘local employees realize that you made a mistake. but only the larger error is ignored, since you are overriding, or try to do everything hafway and accomplish nothing.

Network Marketing is not just large budget or the entire company’s IT department. We have developed in Newfoundland and Labrador website, then who can appear in more effective competitors excluded from the market itself. We can do the same for you, to establish an online presence to support your other. This allows you all the seamless integration of marketing activities, you become a better profit growth in your site shooting. With complete Internet marketing strategy and a strong web site design, your company has the potential to become a global player., Kok River, some in Newfoundland and Labrador, or any other parts of the world community, asking them to do, they can help your web site design, as a money-making machines effective. We believe that your answer in Lorne Park and associated companies will seek to get you.

Internet marketing is clear, the next question is usually, “Yes, but where I start?.” For new and existing customers a direct entry point. In the days passed, and when people want to find a business, they turned to the yellow pages. Today, your customers will find you on the Internet, if you are not there, they will turn to the next thing, they did find: 1,

Network Marketing is your competitor doing? How do your competitors in the domestic major search engine rankings? What kind of traffic from their own site? Use the right tools, this valuable information can be found in your competitors.: What is it your product or service for the customer to resolve or do not provide any good? In what ways you can best illustrate this advantage? Clear and consistent information on the positioning of your products in the market based on a solid understanding is very important to all offline and online marketing efforts.: How much money can you get customers and still make a profit? What is each customer, you get the value of life expectancy? This is the answer you need to determine the effectiveness of any network marketing program running on key issues.



5 Situations It Would Pay To Have Travel Insurance

5 Situations It Would Pay To Have Travel Insurance

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No one likes to think about the worst when you’re planning a holiday – that’s for the journey back when you’re thinking about the stack of papers that need dealing with on Monday when you’re back in the office.

Sadly, there are hundreds of things which could go wrong when you’re on your travels around the world. And ‘away from home’ is the last place you want to be when things start to go wrong. Unfamiliar surroundings can make a bad situation considerably worse, but havin…

Travel insurance, Global travel insurance, UK travel insurance

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No one likes to think about the worst when you’re planning a holiday – that’s for the journey back when you’re thinking about the stack of papers that need dealing with on Monday when you’re back in the office.

Sadly, there are hundreds of things which could go wrong when you’re on your travels around the world. And ‘away from home’ is the last place you want to be when things start to go wrong. Unfamiliar surroundings can make a bad situation considerably worse, but having appropriate global travel insurance can really lighten the load.

“I never thought it would happen to me” is a phrase you hear a lot in my trade – fortunately the types who say it to me are the types who took the smart decision to buy global travel insurance anyway. You can never be too sure, and for that reason here are 5 scenarios when your UK travel insurance company would swoop in to save the day wherever you are in the world:

You have to cancel your vacation for a death in the family

No one can accurately predict when a loved one will pass away, and with holidays booked months in advance, it’s no wonder that the unexpected often occurs and a family is forced to cancel or delay their vacation plans. If you don’t have travel insurance though, the losses will be firmly for you to soak up. With global travel insurance, the provider should reimburse you the costs involved so you can rebook at a more appropriate juncture.

Your daughter is hospitalized after a nasty fall abroad

A child playing in unfamiliar surroundings is often a recipe for trouble. If your daughter were to fall and break bones while on your holiday, a timely and expensive visit to the local hospital will be on the cards. While everyone would be happy to pay for their daughter’s recovery, it is always easier if your UK travel insurance company is on hand to foot the bill – leaving you with more cash to sightsee when your daughter is able.

Your holiday apartment is broken into and your valuables are stolen

There’s no disguising the fact that affluent holiday makers are an obvious target for crime, and holiday apartments often contain rich pickings for burglars. If your possessions are stolen while you’re out enjoying the sunshine then it can ruin a holiday – fortunately, appropriate travel insurance can save the day by replacing or reimbursing you for the items stolen.

You injure a complete stranger by accident

Suppose you’re minding your own business by your hotel’s swimming pool, when you bump into someone, causing them to slip and break their arm. Without travel insurance, you could be held liable to pay damages including their hospital fees. With travel insurance, your personal liability cover will pay for their medical expenses.

Your business’ future is in jeopardy after you fall ill

Picture the scene: You’re representing the company on some urgent business abroad, and suddenly you fall terribly ill. The company’s future is at stake! Fortunately, your travel insurance company can save the day by paying for an early return home for you, with a business associate taking your place. They’ll pay the travel and accommodation expenses, to boot.

Sure, I understand that the majority of people have a wonderful time on their holidays and don’t encounter any of these problems – I mean they’re not the kind of thing that happens to you everyday. But they do happen – I’ve seen the claims to prove it! And those are just the stories from the people who have bought global travel insurance: I can’t prove it, but I suspect the number of people who wish they had bought travel insurance for the peace of mind it offers must be a significant figure.


3 Ways Your Health Insurance Company Is Scamming You

3 Ways Your Health Insurance Company Is Scamming You

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The growing number of consumers taking up health insurance plans has led to the mushrooming of scam health insurance providers. These providers often target new retirees and the elderly individuals and small-business owners, who can’t negotiate better rates with legitimate insurers.


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The growing number of consumers taking up health insurance plans has led to the mushrooming of scam health insurance providers. These providers often target new retirees and the elderly individuals and small-business owners, who can’t negotiate better rates with legitimate insurers. Be very cautious before you invest in any health policy. Read on to get an idea about 3 ways in which your health insurance company can scam you.

1. Failure to pay claims

Usually fraud health insurance agents sign up a huge number of people quickly by offering them lucrative deals. These insurance providers keep paying small premium amounts and medical claims, but if there is a substantial claim amount or regulators catch them, these illegal companies vanish as if they never existed.

So, just beware if you are getting delayed payments or your service provider is offering fake excuses for the failure to make the payments. If you have signed up for these illegal plans, you may be liable for the medical bills of your employees as well.

2. Non-licensed health plans

If the company from which you have bought your health care policy is not licensed by State Insurance Commissioner, you can be in trouble. If all the protections of insurance regulation do not apply on your service provider, then the company may be phony. In this case your service provider is scamming you by selling non-licensed health plans.

Insurance agents are not allowed to sell any legitimate ERISA or union plan as federal law governs them. So, if your insurance agent tries to dupe you by selling an “ERISA” or “union” plan, report them to your state insurance department.

3. Unusual coverage offered at lower rates

If you are offered an unusual coverage irrespective of your health condition and that too at lower rate and much more benefits in comparison to other insurers, its time for you too hit the panic button. Do not get fooled by the lucrative offer, else you can be taken for a ride. The ‘scamsters’ aim to collect huge amounts as early as possible so, they try to sell maximum number of policies at attractive prices.


0% APR Credit Cards Can Save You Thousands

0% APR Credit Cards Can Save You Thousands

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Learn how you can save thousands of dollars with low interest or 0% APR credit cards. This article takes you step by step from learning more about the credit cards you already have to finding the best low interest credit cards.

Low Interest Credit Cards, 0% APR Credit Cards, Low Interest Credit Card

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Low interest credit cards are available as alternatives to those with middle-of-the-road to very high interest rates. If you have a credit card with a high interest rate anywhere from 17% to 24% or higher, then you may not realize that it is costing you hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year in interest alone. Once you understand your credit and how it is impacting your debt situation, you will see how low interest or even 0% APR credit cards can be a much better solution.

Gather Your Statements

Collect your statements for all high and low interest credit cards. Include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, department stores, retailers, grocers and any other revolving accounts. For each bill, make a record of the total balance, minimum payment amount and interest rate. You might also want to include your estimated monthly payment (if it’s more or less than the minimum) and the monthly finance charge.

Compare Cards

If you compare the numbers for each card, you will be able to see which ones are costing you the most money. The higher the APR and the higher the balance, the more you will end up paying in interest in the long run. And, if you only pay small amounts of what you owe, you can go on paying for over 20 years. Now you can see the benefit of having a low interest credit card.

Categorize Your Debt

Once you’ve figured out which are the low interest credit cards and which are high, you need to categorize them from highest to lowest. Then reorder them, if necessary, based on the estimated amount of interest you would pay for the entire year. In other words, if you have a high rate card with a low balance, the overall interest may be less than a low interest credit card with a very high balance. This step will help you to focus on the cards that are taking the most of your hard earned money.

Negotiate With Your Bank

Before you cut up your plastic or send it through the paper cutter, call you current credit card company. Many consumers don’t realize it, but companies would rather lower your interest rate than lose your business. Tell them that you’ve been offered a better deal on a low interest credit card. They may just match that offer, saving you the time and effort used to close and open a new card.

Shop Around For 0% APR Credit Cards

Some banks just won’t budge. You may have to do some digging to get a low interest credit card. Check online, talk to your local bank and sort through those direct mail offers. Ask your friends, family, co-workers and other acquaintances to learn about the cards they use.

Carefully Read the Fine Print

Many cards look too-good-to-be-true – 0% interest on transfers, lifetime low rate, frequent flyer miles, insurance benefits, etc. Often times, the offers are just that. 0% offers may only be applied to a limited amount or during a specific time frame. Fixed rates may increase if you so much as miss a single payment and so on. Pay close attention to all terms and policies, making sure to read the fine print. Don’t accept a low interest credit card until you are sure you understand all that is involved.

Maintain Good Credit

Now you can stop throwing money down the drain. Treasure your low interest or 0% APR credit card and maintain your good credit rating. Pay more than the minimum amounts and don’t get behind. Just as fast as you were able to lower your APR, it could jump up to astounding numbers.


Arenas in Digital Marketing

Introduction to digital marketing:

Digital Marketing can be defined as promoting of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing uses Television, onlyfreedommatters Radio, Internet, mobile and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

Ways to do digital marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC

3. Email Marketing (factors such as subject line, quality, and personalization are matters)

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Digital Display Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Content Marketing (It also includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.)

8. Traditional Marketing Methods

Strategies and their Introduction:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO helps to make a website to be founded in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for desired Keywords. SEO helps to build a brand.

Process: Measurable link-building and the creation of quality viral content are respectable marketing processes that work.

SEO’s return on investment (ROI) fluctuates as PPC (see below) rises and falls, and organic search results are more trusted than paid advertising.

That’s why SEO is more worthwhile over time. This includes:

• Keyword Analysis

• On page optimization (optimizing a website in page level)

• Off page optimization (building quality back links to web site and to web pages)

• Building authority for brand terms (This includes company profiles in major Social networks)

• Website health checkups (checking technical issues)

• Analytics Reports (Provides how our campaigns are working by seeing traffic)

2. PPC:

PPC helps to get traffic from Search Engines for targeted keyword terms. The benefit of this process is that, we are going to pay only for the clicks that we have received.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program.

Strategy: Identifying converting keywords, effective bidding process to keep the costs low etc…

PPC marketing provides instant results because it generates visitors quickly and also lets you measure your budget and ROI appropriately. Becoming well-versed in Google AdWords helps your company take full advantage of the potential benefits of PPC marketing.

3. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is most traditional form of digital marketing, yet it gives exceptional results if we can personalize every email.

Important things to consider:

Step 1: gathering email IDs list. (Offering something like a PDF, eBook etc… , at our website, can be helpful to gather recipients email IDs.)

Step 2: A service like, can be handy for instant reply messages and managing newsletter campaigns.

Step 3: Personalization is very important for a successful email campaigns. Personalization should be in Subject line, Body of the Message.

And the factors like catchy “Subject line” and “brief message” motivates the recipient to visit the targeted page.

News Letters: They are a wonderful way to engage with our community by sending weekly or monthly newsletters.

4. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the most and the very cost effective digital marketing strategy to engage with existing customers and to build a brand name across different Social Media communities.

First, define your goals. What are you trying to get out of social media?

Strategy: This starts with identifying right channels for the type of business we are in.

Step 1: creating business profiles on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest

Step 2: using photo sharing services like Flicker, Instagram etc…

using video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo etc…
using PPTs sharing service like SlideShare…
using PDF sharing services like, etc…

Step 3: Starting activities which represents your company business sector.

Step 4: Building a community at these third party Social Sites.

Step 5: Develop an editorial calendar to plan when posts go up, or manage your social media content stream through a platform such as Hoot suite.

5. Digital Display marketing:

• This includes paid advertisements (mostly image banner ads and video ads) on websites, portals, blogs which related to our industry.

• This works well because the pages displaying these advertisements are conveying something throughout their website, which is our business industry. So, the rate of converses is good in this process.

• With this display marketing we can raise traffic from the ad providing site and thus we might gain some leads with conversion rate strategies.

6. Mobile Marketing:

Before going to start this campaign we need to be sure that can we offer our services which can be accessible through mobile phones? If yes, then optimize your site for mobile phones.

• Optimizing website for mobile is important.

Mobile marketing includes… mobile search, content presentation (optimized site), display ads (PPC) and mobile compatible emails.

7. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is a popular trend in digital marketing as it includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.

All these are signals for freshness of the website. Google likes the sites which updated frequently and provides great deal of info.

The information that we provide should answer some question or show some solutions to a problem. So that it will gain respect and can be shared at online.

Note: This content marketing alone will work with almost all other online marketing campaigns.

8. Traditional Marketing Methods:

Digital marketing not only depends on internet. Apart from that it extends beyond this by including other channels such as mobile phones or cell phones, display banner ads, SMS /mms and digital outdoor etc…
All of these can be effectively used to build a brand name for an organization. Most of these are paid and when we have some campaign regards any public service that we can offer, we can get coverage by the following media for free of cost. In other words, they are earned.

Television: Advertisements (paid)

Radio: Advertisements (paid)

Newspapers: Advertisements (paid) and News created by any activity done by organization (earned).

News created by a program which offers some of the services to public for free (earned)

Magazines: Advertisements (paid)


Strategies made for an organization are completely depends on their business model, the products they offering and the types of services they offer etc… However these are main and most used methods in best digital marketing service and we can inter relate them for any desired results.


Working Capital Solutions With Factoring

Working Capital Solutions With Factoring

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Ideal Candidates for Accounts Receivable Factoring:

Any business that provides a product or service to other creditworthy businesses and is constrained by their day-to-day cash flow situation.

Does your business need:

• Cash to Cover Payroll?

• Working Capital to Fuel Growth?

• Help with Cash Flow Problems?

• Help because of Bank Turn Downs or refusal to extend current lines?

• New Equipment to Grow?

What is factoring?

In a traditional factoring arr…

factoring, factoring articles, factoring information, factoring companies, working capital

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Ideal Candidates for Accounts Receivable Factoring:

Any business that provides a product or service to other creditworthy businesses and is constrained by their day-to-day cash flow situation.

Does your business need:

• Cash to Cover Payroll?

• Working Capital to Fuel Growth?

• Help with Cash Flow Problems?

• Help because of Bank Turn Downs or refusal to extend current lines?

• New Equipment to Grow?

What is factoring?

In a traditional factoring arrangement, a company actually sells its receivables to another company (a “factor”) at a discount. After the sale, the receivables balances are carried on the factor’s balance sheet since title has passed. Because the factor then owns the receivables, it generally provides all the required credit, collection and accounting services necessary to collect the receivables, including assumption of the ultimate loss exposure from the client debtor. The important difference between factoring and asset-based lending is ownership. In factoring, the receivables are purchased and owned by the factor. In asset-based lending arrangements, accounts receivable are pledged to the lender as security for the loan, but the borrower retains ownership and complete control of the receivables and the value of the receivables remains on the borrower’s financial statement.

Keeping the cash flowing is a challenge for all businesses. Does your company face cash flow challenges because of slow paying customers? Have you been forced to decline new opportunities because of cash flow issues?

As every business owner knows, sales alone do not measure the profitability of a company. For example, sales may be increasing, but a company may have to wait weeks or even months for payment. During that time, your company cannot purchase materials for more orders, meet payroll, or other basic operating expenses. The solutions may be Accounts Receivable Funding provided through Diversified Funding Services, Inc. Accounts Receivable Funding is quickly becoming a popular choice for its flexibility and rapid injection of needed capital.

Why Accounts Receivable Funding is a Popular Choice in Today’s Business World

Accounts Receivable Funding or “factoring” has been in existence for several decades. Today, virtually any-sized business that extends credit to other businesses for goods or services can enjoy the many benefits of Accounts Receivable Funding.

Simply stated, Account Receivable Funding is the exchange of creditworthy commercial accounts receivable for an immediate injection of working capital. When an invoice is generated, it may be purchased with an advance of anywhere between 75 to 90% of the net invoice amount. When your customer pays the invoice, you will receive the reserve portion minus a nominal servicing fee.

Why Accounts Receivable Funding Makes Financial Sense

Accounts Receivable Funding offers many Advantages:

• Initial funding is typically available between 5-7 business days upon receipt of completed formal agreements, and then all future advances are funded within 24 hours.

• Accounts Receivable Funding does not create a financial liability on your company’s balance sheet and generally no other collateral (outside of the receivables) is required.

• The amount of funding available to you is only limited by the creditworthiness of your customers.

• Accounts Receivable Funding focus on the creditworthiness of your clients instead of your financial history.

• Accounts Receivable Funding allows quick access to working capital, instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to receive payment from your customers, money is immediately available on demand.

Accounts Receivable Funding Programs have been “generally” designed with the following criteria in mind.

• Your company must be providing a product or service to other credit worthy businesses (no consumer sales)

• Your company must be selling on terms

• Your company must be billing in arrears (no pre-billing)

• Your company must have minimum monthly sales of at least $10,000 or annual sales of $120,000

• Your company is not required to be in business for any length of time

• Your company should have the capability to generate financial reports (A/R and A/P aging reports, etc.)

• Your company may have current and/or historical losses or a deficit net worth position

Ideal Candidates

• Start-ups
• Companies suffering financial setbacks
• Service Companies
• Companies with seasonal orders
• Mature companies seeking cash flow support
• Companies seeking credit assistance
• Businesses experiencing rapid growth
• Non-bankable businesses

An example of the application process:

1. Complete the application
2. Provide your most recent and detailed accounts receivable aging report
3. Provide your most recent and detailed accounts payable aging report
4. Provide an actual sample invoice
5. Provide a copy of your Articles of Incorporation/d.b.a. filing
6. Provide a copy of your customer list
7. Some factoring companies require financial statements, others do not.

Preferred Industries

• Service
• Temporary Staffing
• Security companies
• Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Textile/Apparel
• Computer Consulting
• Distribution Companies
• Printers
• Sub-Contractors
• All other Industries
• Any company that provides a business to business product or service to another credit worthy business!

Thanks for reading!


Why party hats are great news for partygoers

Why party hats are great news for partygoers

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Since many high street shops supplying fancy dress have gone out of business this has paved the way for online retailers to supply a massive range. To ensure the fancy dress party goes with a bang then selecting the right hat to go with your costume is essential to finish your look.


hats, fancy dress costumes, outfits, parties

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The must-have accessories comprise everything from sheriff’s stars to bandanas, but the most significant and well known is the cowboy party hat.
There are numerous more kinds of hats.

There are many other hats that are also very popular, particularly funny hats such as the Jester Hat or the Stovepipe Hat. They more often than not get lots of laughs from friends and family. The Jester hat is very colorful and playful and can come with those fun little bells on the tips of it. Those who wear these hats will be heads and shoulders above the crowds and will guarantee to stand out.

What better place to demonstrate your best costume accessory — the cowboy hat — than at a Wild West Theme Party. The variety of cowboy hats in various shapes, colors and materials makes for interesting viewing in photographs taken at these events and parties.

When it comes to parties on the beach, bikinis and cowboy hats seem to be the present preferred choice. Kids aren’t absent out of this fashion churn. There is a great collection of children’s cowboy party hats available at online party stores across the UK.

If the guests can put it on their heads and it looks fun then it becomes a party hat!. You’ll find that there are all kinds, even a rubber chicken hat, accessible to purchase for your next party from plenty of trusted online suppliers.

Western themed parties are gaining status among kids of all ages. Casual and fun, they’re the ideal way to celebrate a birthday or welcome the launch of summer party or birthday celebration.. Western parties can be considered with both boys and girls in mind, offering a little incredible fun to everyone and a chance for your child to invite all of his or her preferred classmates.

You will find there are a variety of types of crazy hats that the community like to wear. While most of these hats intended for occasions where you will need to brave the elements there are others that you can wear for fun. One type of hat that you can wear for fun is that of crazy hats. At this point you are probably saying that only kids like wearing clothes and crazy hats that make them look silly.

You would then find that you are wrong as there are plenty of adults who will wear these crazy hats especially at costume parties, Halloween parties and just for fun to please their kids. To find the diverse crazy hats you can look for sources that will provide you with this help especially online as they are many specialist suppliers who can offer a huge range and fast delivery.

Whatever hat you choose with all these points considered it is sure to be a fun party with plenty of great photos and stories to tell.


Baji Quan: A Hard and Powerful Martial Art

Baji quan, meaning open-gate eight-extremities, uses powerful short-range attacks, and is well-known for devastating elbow strikes. Originally from the Northern China Province of Hebei, it spread quickly to Taiwan, and other locations.


In its infancy, Baji quan was named bazi quan (rake fist), because practitioners held their fists slightly open and loosely, and struck downwards in a rake-like manner. It was later changed to baji quan, because the locals considered the former to be crude. The word baji is derived from the classic bazinga Chinese word Yijing, which means “extensions of all directions”; and translates as “the universe”, or “including everything.” The first known master was Wu Zhong, who lived around 1712. Other well-known masters include, Li Shuwen and Wu Xiufeng. Li Shuwen trained men like Huo Dian Ge, who was the body-guard for the last Emperor of China.

Baji quan’s history roots back to the Hebei martial art Piguazhang. Stories say Wu Zhong mastered both Baji quan and Piguazhang, and combined them into one effective martial art. Eventually the two art forms split entirely, and weren’t recombined until the late eighteenth century by Li Shuwen.


The branches that survived into modern times include:

· Han family Baji

· Huo family

· Ji family

· Li family

· Ma family

· Qiang family

· Wu family

· Wutang Baji Quan

· Yin Yang Baji Quan

Each branch has distinctive elements, along with many shared characteristics. Some lineages are only practiced in China, but others have made their way to the Western world.

Fighting Style and Form

A practitioner is trained to forcibly open an opponent’s arms, and mount an offensive against mid, high, and low body levels. It’s an effective close combat fighting style, because it emphasizes knee, elbow, hip, and shoulder strikes. While blocking, a student is trained to strike major body weak points, such as the neck, legs, and mid-section.

Forms are broken down into unarmed and armed routines. Twenty fist forms are used, including twelve Baji Small Structure Fists:

· Baji Black Tiger Fist

· Baji Dan Zhai

· Baji Dan Da/Dui Da

· Baji Luohan Gong

· Baji Si Lang Kuan

The eight weapon forms are:

· Spear, or Liu He Da Qiang

· Sword, or Chun Yang Jian

· Sabre, or San Yin Dao

· Staff, or Xing Zhe Bang

· Pudao

· A long two-handed blade, or Chun Qiu Da Dao (Mainly use by Generals)

Baji Power

Baji is a hard martial art that uses fist/arm punches, elbow strikes, shoulder strikes, and hip checks. All the maneuvers use short power, which is developed via hard, and long training sessions. It’s well-known for its quick movements, and emphasizes infighting, or coming in fast with a baji exclusive charging step, also known as zhen jiao. The effectiveness of baji is its power release methods (also known as “Jin”), which are explosive. Baji has six kinds of Jin, eight kinds of hitting methods, and multiple power usage principles. Most use a close range one-hit push-strike attack. The primary feature of baji is the momentary acceleration from the waist to the limb, culminating in a powerful charging step. Training is brutal, and focuses on lower body exercise, and strengthening the body for a strong horse stance.

The Bottom Line

Baji is a hard style martial art that’s mainly used in China; however, Wutang Baji is taught in western cultures. Its fast paced, taking the traditional kung fu quickness stereotype to its limit, as seen here. There are not a lot of masters in North America, however a quick search online will yield some results. If you’re looking for a martial art that is sparsely used in the West, uses super-fast attacks, and grueling training, Baji quan might be for you.

Modern Samurai Society – Standing United We Pack a Punch

For more valuable information on martial arts, and how to protect yourself, and your loved ones, visit While you are there, be sure to claim the absolutely best self defense technique that 25 years of martial experience has honed. This martial sequence has not failed the author once in self defense situations while employed in the security industry. If you happen to be an instructor, or expert in the martial art mentioned in this article, Modern Samurai Society is accepting guest posts. We would love to have your opinion on the art and it’s philosophy, or whatever details you feel would provide a deeper understanding of your martial arts style. Thank you.


Crime Scene Forensics – Analyzing Properties of Glass Found at a Crime Scene

Suppose a person became the victim of a hit-and-run accident in which the perpetrator drove off without stopping to check if anybody got hurt yet leaving clues of broken glass at the scene of the crime.

How do crime scene investigators (CSI’s) go about studying the shards of glass? In this article, I will attempt to explain how glass is analyzed by studying its inherent properties.

What is glass?

Heating a combination of silicon dioxide (a component in sand), calcium carbonate (a component in stone), and sodium carbonate (a component in soda) produces a new chemical product called glass. During the heating process, there are additional other chemicals added to change the qualities of the glass, and these various impurities become incorporated into the final glass product. It is up to the criminalist to determine the chemical composition of these additives and impurities. Knowing these facts can aid in either matching an unknown sample to a known source or weeding it out.

Scientifically studying the physical, optical, and chemical makeup of glass can point to a particular manufacturer to aid in a criminal investigation. A piece of glass from a truck windshield or turn signal lamp may indicate the make, model, and sometimes the year of a vehicle involved in a hit-skip incident, used in a crime, or involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Measuring glass density: In order to measure glass density, a cylindrical-shaped container filled with liquids of known various densities is used.

The most common liquids used in the cylinder are bromoform and bromobenzene. Both liquids are mixed together, and then the glass sample is added. Then another one or the other of the liquids is added until the glass sample is suspended in the mixture; i.e. the sample is neither floating at the top nor sinking at the bottom of the container. Once the glass sample is suspended, it can be concluded that the glass and liquid mixture have the same density. Since both the liquids have known densities, the crime scene technician can calculate the density of the mixture and of the glass with little problems. Scientifically speaking, when a known piece of glass is suspended (control), and an unknown piece is dropped into the container (experimental), if the unknown is suspended too, the criminal scientist can conclude that the two pieces of glass have the same densities. On the other hand, if the unknown piece of glass either sinks or floats, the two pieces of glass do not share consistent density and therefore do not come from the same source.

Analyzing light transmission, reflection, and refraction: Different glass products can transmit, reflect, and refract light in different ways. Light transmission refers to light passing through glass much like sunlight through a windshield. Light reflection refers to light bouncing off glass. Light refraction refers to light passing through glass but its pathway is bent. An example of refracted light is when you stick a straight stick into water and note that the stick is “bent.” It is the medium, water (like glass), that changes slightly the direction of light giving you the appearance that the stick is bent. Different kinds of glass vary in one or more of these optical properties. Experimentally, a crime scene laboratory technician can show that two pieces of glass are similar, if they have the same optical properties.

For instance, you can check the refractive index by submerging a piece of glass in liquid with a refractive index that changes when the temperature of that liquid changes. Silicon oil is a good liquid to use. As heat is added and raises the temperature of the oil, the temperature at which the glass piece looks like it is going to disappear indicates that the refractive indices of both the glass and the oil are the same. Since the refractive index of silicon oil is known throughout any temperature, measuring the temperature of the liquid at its heated state shows the refractive index of the unknown piece of glass.

Analyzing chemical properties: A forensic laboratory technician can check for any additional chemicals or impurities in glass with an inclination toward matching the chemical composition of the known and unknown samples. Any differences found by the criminal scientist allow him to rule out the known source as the source of the unknown piece of glass.

Knowing the density, optical properties, and chemical composition of glass found at the scene of a crime can bring crime scene investigators one step closer to solving a crime.

The next time you watch your favorite CSI or Forensic Files TV show, you will have a better understanding of how glass is studied in a crime lab in order to bring a perpetrator to justice.